“NEWS” We are proud to announce that we will be posting European CFR PDF’s and
European CFR Extraction Videos as they are created.
Welcome Europe to AirshowSafety.com !

Welcome to AirshowSafety.com, our WEBSITE is dedicated to airshow safety!
That’s it, that’s all, and its free! PLEASE email YOUR CFR Extraction VIDEOS,
we edit & publish on our YouTube channel free! 

You also will get a custom CFR QR code graphic to make into a decal to put on your plane to share with CFR during a safety brief so that they can rewatch your CFR extraction instructions.

Any other IDEAS, THOUGHTS, OR CONCEPTS are welcome we will add them to our ideas page!

Please send your ideas, articles, diagrams, Aircraft Emergency Extraction Videos or PDF’s etc and we will post them to the website, Facebook, or our YouTube Channel

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email ideas videos etc. to airshowsafety@gmail.com