Welcome to our new page where Australian Airshow Aircraft CFR Videos will soon be added.

These videos are for reference only, please take the time to talk to the pilot during your Fire Rescue Briefs at your event.

We at Airshow Safety want to give you a different perspective that can be accessed 24/7 via the web the PDF is good but the PDF paired with an Extraction Video are even better . We also free of charge create a custom designed CFR DECAL (click to see Kyle Fowler’s CFR Decal )  for you to print and put on your plane so that when done briefing CFR they can scan it and re-watch you extraction brief over and over which helps in a more educated and hopefully quicker extraction!!!

 Add your video, if you are a Performer and your video is not on our website, its so simple take videos with your cell phone, (video clips of the outside and  clips of the inside cockpit info) we will do the editing for FREE yes I said that for FREE!

What are you waiting for this could save your life.

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Be safe, Thank you for watching.
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