When a QR code is scanned, the unique pattern on the barcode translates into human-readable data, or links to a video, or website or even populates an email. This transaction happens in seconds. “Printable PDF of QR Code explanation”
At Airshowsafety.com and Generalaviationsafety.com we will create “free of charge” a custom QR Code graphic that can be printed as a decal which can be put on the side of an aircraft so that after a briefing of your aircraft with the CFR people. You can ask them – “who has a smart phone” most will raise their hands. Ask them to turn on their camera and hold it near the QR Code a link will appear on screen just tap said link and it will take you directly to the CFR Video of said a/c on YouTube It can also be emailed or added to your website for everyone to see.

Airshows, or events, or a small airport can download or save our QR codes and create a PDF or Word Doc that can be printed and handed out to local responders including Crash Fire Rescue, EMT’s Police, local airport people and many more, ANYONE CAN BE A FIRST RESPONDER!

For ICAS members another way it can be implemented is it could be added to the back of the PDF that you submitted to International Council of Air Shows (ICAS). After reading the Extraction PDF one can now scan the CFR QR code and watch

What the QR Code Decal does:
When scanned with a smart phone it directly takes you to the YouTube Crash Fire Rescue Extraction Video of your aircraft giving a 3S real time virtual look through a First Responder’s eyes.

It can be watched over and over again by CFR people after they have been plane-side for mandatory briefings. It can be watched on mobile phones, tablets, PC’s and smart TV’s, anywhere you can access YouTube it can be viewed and shared 24/7 (to the right is a screen shot of a smart phone’s camera viewing the QR Code, see the top banner asks “Open in YouTube” just tap the banner and it will start CFR Video)

Why is this a valuable concept? Think of it this way, practice for a performer makes his show go smoother, practice for a sports team helps run plays much better… The more people watch your CFR Extraction Video the more likelihood you will have a smoother, quicker, and more educated rescue.