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PLEASE email YOUR CFR Extraction VIDEOS,
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You also will get a custom CFR QR code graphic to make into a decal to put on your plane to share with CFR during a safety brief so that they can rewatch your CFR extraction instructions.

We use QR Code technology in our creation of CFR Extraction videos and other instructional material.   QR Codes and how we use them (click here),  We are constructing and building a new website Generalaviationsafety.com  and will soon have many GA aircraft extraction videos. If you would like to submit a video of your aircraft emergency extraction details please watch several of the ones created on the website, please submit clips of videos to generalaviationsafety1@gmail.com , for airshow performers please email airshowsafety@gmail.com Thanks and be safe! If you would like to donate or sponsor this page please email us.

Welcome to AirshowSafety.com, Current International Council of Air Shows member and a recipient of the International Council of Air Shows Pinnacle Gold Award  Support Services  for Innovation in Safety.

This website is for all involved in the Airshow Industry, whether you are a Producer, Performer, Support Service, Crash Fire Rescue or one of the thousands of Volunteers that make the Airshow Industry great !

This website is a place to share, contribute, use ideas on safety at your Airshow, a Virtual Cork Board to browse, submit your ideas, Emergency Extraction Video or PDF!

I am Michel “Pumkin” Pelletier and have been involved with airshows since 1991, whether it was a Ramp Worker, Assistant Airshow Director, VIP Chalet Support, Ramp Boss, or a Performer with the Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds as a Technician, I am currently an International Council of Air Shows Member.

Safety is a passion of mine and this is my soapbox to yell from and to help others share safety ideas and recommendations. It is our Mission to help all of our airshow family be safer one step at a time.

This is not a place to complain, this is a place to assist each other in finding an answer to a safety concern that you may have .

If we cannot answer your question we will do our best to direct you to the proper person, group or agency.

Again I stress this is not a place to vent but a place to add some good safety practices.

Please send your ideas, articles, diagrams, Aircraft Emergency Extraction Videos or PDF’s etc and we will post them to the website, Facebook, or our YouTube Channel

Thank you for taking the time to read our home page and we look forward to helping you and others be safe. We look forward to hearing from you!

“Helping each other be safe”

email ideas videos etc to airshowsafety@gmail.com