Below are Aircraft Extraction PDF’s in alphabetical order.
Click on any one of the “NAMES” ON THE LEFT SIDE to view the full PDF or click on “QR CODE” which is directly to the right of name to download the QR CODE graphic of which you can use to make a custom CFR Worksheet for your event.

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Ace Maker T33 Greg Colyer / QR CODE
Adam Baker / QR CODE
Alex Alvarez / QR CODE
Andrew Webb Yak 52 / QR CODE
Andrew Wright G202 / QR CODE
Anna Serbinenko / QR CODE
Bill Cornick  / QR CODE
Bill Lattimer 1948 Ryan L17B Navion / QR CODE
Bill Stein / QR CODE
Bob Carlton Salto N101AZ / QR CODE
Bob Carlton Subsonex N141SJ / QR CODE
Bob Freeman Extra 300/LC / QR CODE
Bob Mills RV6 / QR CODE
Brad Ransom RV6A / QR CODE
Brad Wursten MX2 / QR CODE
Brad Wursten MXS / QR CODE
Brent Handy Pitts / QR CODE
Buck Roetman / QR CODE
CAF Arizona B-17 Sentimental Journey / QR CODE
Cap 10 / QR CODE
Carol Pilon Third Strike Wing Walking / QR CODE
Cavanaugh AD5 EA1E Skyraider / QR CODE
Cavanaugh AD6 Skyraider / QR CODE
Cavanaugh C47 DC3 N33VW / QR CODE
Cavanaugh FG1D Corsair N451FG / QR CODE
Cavanaugh P51 NL51JC / QR CODE
Charles Lynch N522TW / QR CODE
Dan Hall RV6A N670SB / QR CODE
Dan Marcotte N230PK / QR CODE
Dan West RV8 N390WT / QR CODE
Daniel Hammond RV7 N755JR / QR CODE
Darrell Gary Yak 52 N90YK / QR CODE
Dave Desmon 1948 Ryan Navion N4591K / QR CODE
David Martin CAP 232 / QR CODE
David Osgood N4438K Ryan Navion / QR CODE
Doug Rozendaal Corsair N209TW / QR CODE
Doug Rozendaal Red Tail P51 / QR CODE
Duke Molter Yak 52 N132MD / QR CODE
Erickson Collection F4U Corsair / QR CODE
Erickson Collection AD-4W Skyraider / QR CODE
Fighter Jets Inc Mig 17 / QR CODE
Franklin Flying Circus Piper Super Cub PA 18A N6777B / QR CODE
Gary Rower Stearman / QR CODE
Gene Soucy Showcat Biplane / QR CODE
Geoff Latter Nanchang CJ-6A / QR CODE
George Ford RV8 N848MC / QR CODE
Greg Anders AD-4NA Skyraider / QR CODE
Greg Howard Giles G-200 / QR CODE
Greg Koontz N924JW / QR CODE
Heritage Flight Museum P51 Mustang Val-Halla / QR CODE
Heritage Flight Museum AD-4NA Skyraider / QR CODE
Historic Flight Foundation B-25 / QR CODE
Immortal Red Baron 1916 Sopwith Pup / QR CODE
Jacqueline Warda Extra 300 N354JB / QR CODE
Jarrod Lindemann Jet Waco / QR CODE
Jerry Kerby “Wild Blue Rodeo” RV8A / QR CODE
Jim Gray RV8 N747JG / QR CODE
Jim Pietz Bonanza N14JP / QR CODE
Jim Tobul N713JT / QR CODE
John “Smokey” Johnson / QR CODE
Julie Clark T34 / QR CODE
Kent Pietsch Interstate Cadet / QR CODE
Kevin Coleman Extra 300 / QR CODE
Kyle Fowler Long EZ / QR CODE
Lima Lima Flight Team T34 / QR CODE
Mark McKinnon Yak 52 N752YK / QR CODE
Mark Murphy P51 N51PE / QR CODE
Mark Peterson A-37 Dragonfly / QR CODE
Mark Peterson Alpha Jet / QR CODE
Mark Peterson P51 N51ZM / QR CODE
Mark Peterson P51 N7551T / QR CODE
Mary Mercedes Eulitt RV7A N174SM / QR CODE
Matt Chapman Eagle 580 N580GP / QR CODE
Matt Younkin Beech 18 N9109R / QR CODE
Michael Kennedy Vultee BT 13 N79VV / QR CODE
ichael Smith RV7 N976GM / QR CODE
Mike Gallaway Extra 300s N540BG / QR CODE
Mike Goulian / QR CODE
Mike Wiskus Lucas Oil Pitts / QR CODE
Orca Flight Stephen Christopher RV7 / QR CODE
Orca Flight Todd Rudberg RV8 / QR CODE
Patriots Jet Team / QR CODE
Patty Wagstaff Extra 300s / QR CODE
Paul White Yak 52 N5287 / QR CODE
Randy Henderson Texas Tcart / QR CODE
Red Bull Edge 540, Kirby Chambliss / QR CODE
Red Bull Helicopter – Aaron Fitzgerald / QR CODE
Rifle Airshows RV-8,  Joe Shetterly / QR CODE
Rob Holland MX N540JH / QR CODE
Ross Granley Yak 18T / QR CODE
Scott Francis MXS N104MX / QR CODE
Scott Randolph RV6A N30DD / QR CODE
Sean Farrell RV7A N269SD / QR CODE
Sean Tucker Pitts / QR CODE
Shockwave Jet truck / QR CODE
Skip Stewart / QR CODE
Snowbirds Royal Canadian Air Force / QR CODE
Spencer Suderman Pitts / QR CODE
Stephen Christopher RV7 N7718D QR CODE
Steve Bennett Christen Eagle / QR CODE
Steve Payne RV8 N526KP / QR CODE
Sukoi West Demo Team Cory Lovell N226SU / QR Code
Sukoi West Demo Team Randy Howell N24SU / QR Code
T37 Tweet Service Air Corps / QR CODE
Tanner Matheny Navion / QR CODE
Team Aerodynamix / QR CODE
Team Aeroshell / QR CODE
Team Aerostars / QR CODE
Team Rocket Aerobatics Eric Hansen/ QR CODE
Team Rocket Aerobatics Ken Fowler / QR CODE
Thomas Ishii RV6 N926DG / QR CODE
Tiger Airshows Yak 55M / QR CODE
Tim Cone RV8 N218TC / QR CODE
Tim Reden RV4 N43ML / QR CODE
Tom Jensen 1941 N3N-3 N44707 / QR CODE
Tony Higa Pitts N180TT / QR CODE
Tora Tora Tora 101 Douglas Jackson / QR CODE
Tora Tora Tora 111 Charles Hutchins N4447 / QR CODE
Tora Tora Tora AI 115 Mike Burke / QR CODE
Tora Tora Tora AI 257 Bob Covington N67208 / QR CODE
Tora Tora Tora AI 310 John Mark Todd N2047 / QR CODE
Tora Tora Tora Ai 313 Craig Hutain N3242G / QR CODE
Tora Tora Tora AI 356 Bob Watts N3725G / QR CODE
Tora Tora Tora Dan Reedy N15797 / QR CODE
Tora Tora Tora Mark Allen QAI 118 Zero N9820C / QR CODE
Vicky Benzing Extra 300 N46EX / QR CODE
Vicky Benzing Stearman N63529 / QR CODE
Warren Pietsch B25 N5672V / QR CODE
Warren Pietsch Spitfire Mk IX N959RT / QR CODE
Warren Pietsch TBM 3E N7226C / QR CODE
Yellow Thunder David Watson Harvard CFVYF / QR CODE
Yellow Thunder Drew Watson CFPT / QR CODE

These are for reference only.