Here is where you can find others Safety Idea Contributions, please read and share, again our Motto is “Helping each other be safe”

  • Amanda Switch a must for smoke system safety!!!
    (contributor – Buck Roetman)
  • Medical Alert Dog tags A great idea for pilots and volunteers to wear, in an emergency all critical info is on the dogtag click to order which is personalized for each person. submitted by John Hyle of Air Corps Aerobatics
  • PPS Switch (Pumkin Power Shutoff Switch) A concept that came to me on installing a second Master Power switch on belly of aircraft in case an incident happens and aircraft is on its back, CFR can immediately shutoff power in one action PLEASE READ
  • Pumkin’s Permieter, is a 10 mile radius from show center.
    click to view details (contributor – Pumkin)
  • Aircraft Start up, Always have a currently trained person in fire safety, along with being familiar with the aircraft stand next to aircraft with fire extinguisher while pilot starts aircraft. It is important that the pilot acknowledges you and knows where you are at time of start. (contributor – Pumkin)
  • Towing Safety click for more info! (contributor – Pumkin)
  • Hydration Teams click for more info! (contributor – Pumkin)
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